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Top to Bottom Construction was called out to do some bathroom renovations at a 3 story townhouse located near the Terra Nova area in Richmond.

The homeowner wanted to remodel the bathtub on the 3rd floor into a shower stall with a seat.

The bathtub was never being used and it was urgent that the unnecessary bathtub be removed. We came in about a week after we inspected it and also had it done in about a week.

The bathroom being on the third level, we made sure that their stair carpet was kept clean during this process because we had lot of foot traffic going in and out of the townhome, as because material were brought in and out, and tiles needed to cut the tiles outside.

After the original tiling and bathtub were stripped out, the plumbing and electrical were upgraded to prevent any leaking.  A new high quality shower head and tiling were completed after the new drywall was put up.

We kept the seat near the window for extra storage and for the homeowner to sit on while bathing.

Grab bars were added for easier access to the shower as well as a sliding glass door for a more modern look and to make the area look bigger.

More photos from the project:


  • Old bathtub converted to new shower stall
  • New exhaust fan added
  • Tiles surrounding the circular window
  • New plumbing and electrical
  • New high quality shower head fixture
  • New sliding glass door and grab bars for easy access and safety.

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