exterior skylight home restoration

Restored skylight with water damage in Richmond BC

This homeowner had the leak on-going in the skylight above the home’s front entrance door for about 3 years.

As you can see from the before pictures, the wood was already rotting and mold started to build inside. It may seem to be a small matter but it had to be addressed asap or else the water could have gone through the exterior walls and potentially make it through the drywall inside causing more damages.

The team at Top To Bottom Construction sealed the primary source of the water where it was coming from and restored the rotten/moldy wood.

The homeowner was pleased with TTBC and also had us shift the domed skylight forward to provide coverage for their front entrance.

With the leak fixed and the skylight restored, everything now looks and functions as good as new.

More photos from the project:


  • Skylight over front entrance was leaking for about 3 years
  • Skylight frame was rotting and moldy.
  • Leak was fixed at the source
  • Skylight and frame were restored.
  • Skylight was shifted forward for better coverage of front door

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