The old staircase needing to be replaced

New finished exterior staircase rebuilt

The exterior staircase at this home was quite old and was in need of a replacement. Much of the paint had fallen off, many of the planks were rotting and the deteriorating condition of the staircase was becoming a safety concern. The condition was unsafe to the point that the family of 4 lost direct access to the backyard during the summer.

old exterior staircase needing to be replaced

old exterior staircase needing to be replaced

The entire old staircase was disassembled and taken apart. A brand new staircase was constructed in its place and stained for a beautiful natural look and durability.

Fortunately, this family now has an attractive and sturdy staircase to enjoy for many years to come.


  • Dissembling and disposal of original rotting staircase
  • New stairscase built with pressure treated wood
  • Stained to ensure long-term durability and sustainability

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