The fence at this home, located in Richmond’s beautiful Terra Nova area, was getting old and was showing many signs of wear and tear. The wood in some sections of the fence were rotting and becoming very brittle to the point where planks were coming loose during heavy winds, leaving holes in the fence. With so many loose planks and the condition of the fence only getting worse, TTBC was called to finally replace the fence which surrounded the entire property.

Some additions had previously been done to the patio area which included an aluminum and glass overhang, and a wooden deck. The style of these additions were black and stained wood. After some consultation on the style of the new fence, which included the possibility of a glass fence, the final decision was to stick with a black and stained natural wood look all the way around.

Previously, where the original wood gates were constantly getting misaligned due to the rotting wood, matching black aluminum gates were added to provide more durability, easy maintenance and security.

More photos from the project:


  • Rotting fences replaced around entire property
  • New cedar panel fences installed
  • New matching aluminum gates replaced old gates

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