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Do you need some extra space in your existing home? Moving to a new place would mean a new neighborhood, and search for new educational institutions, healthcare facilities and not to forget extra expenses. Going for an extension in your existing home would be a much wiser decision and would be both cost effective and less cumbersome. It will also completely change the street view of your home. We are the leading experts in this field and provide best services for home extensions. We will also consult you on the various options available to you for an extension of the existing property.

Enclosing a patio

Does the change in weather bother you? If yes, then investing for enclosing a patio can be a good choice for you. There are ranges of patio enclosure options available with us. You can choose between rooms that will keep the insects away, but the natural ambiance will remain unhindered to rooms that are climate controlled. Enclosing a patio will also provide you with a new living area.

Extend living rooms & bedrooms

The living room is an area meant for relaxation and where most of our waking hours are spent. So, why not extend it for more front area with increased space for leisure activities. Bedrooms can be extended too. Our experts will take care that you take wise construction decisions for the project. They will sit down and assist in the design process. Our workers will help you to create more space in your house.

Extend the kitchen

If your kitchen is too small, then extend it to get more storage space, a better workplace and easy to maintain work surfaces. When we are planning your kitchen, we will study the space to ascertain the location of cabinets and refrigerator. Also, you can go for an open-plan kitchen as open dining is becoming a craze in modern times. Irrespective the option you choose, we will make sure that you own a spectacular kitchen.

Redo the attic

The attic can be turned into a room which will mean more space. Minimum ceiling heights should be maintained when converting the attic into a room. Our experts will suggest the most efficient designs to turn your attic into something awesome.

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In addition to these, we have worked on the extension of many more spaces, including the basement area, adding another floor and replacement of internal structural walls. Very few people get a second chance to extend/renovate their home and you must be very careful while planning an addition. Invest some time and choose your professionals wisely so that you can enjoy a professionally completed extension for years to come.

We are professional service providers in this field and understand the needs associated with home extensions. We do not make residents of the home to shift to some other place while extension and also respect the security associated with homes. We offer the best options for extensions and provide estimates that suit your budget. We provide risk free designs that are implemented by our highly experienced and skilled staff. Give us a call and get a free estimate for your desired home extension today.

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