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Over the next few months we’ll be getting a lot of work done to make TTBC the go-to agency for building table tennis in BC for all players. We’ll be working on adding sponsors, planning events as well as a tournament and league schedule. Stay informed as we make progress. Sign-up today for periodic newsletters and updates from your friends at TTBC.

Volunteer with TTBC

TTBC is just starting out as a new non-profit and we could use your help to fulfill our multi-faceted and ambitious goals. If you love the sport of table tennis, have some time to share each month, and have expertise you’re willing to share, we invite you to join us.

Table Tennis BC’s Mission

TTBC is on a mission to serve all BC table tennis players who wish to join our ranks. We have defined a strong first draft below in time for our official launch date of June 1, 2024, but consider it a work in flux, our direction and focus guided by your input as members. Please read our mission statement, and feel free to connect with us with your ideas on how to focus our mission and build our programs.

The Meaning of the TTBC Logo

TTBC logo in many colours representing inclusiveness and belonging

In this post we take a closer look at how we arrived at our new TTBC word-mark logo, and how we started the design process with the idea of projecting inclusion and unity. How did we do?