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Become A TTBC Member

TTBC is committed to helping table tennis players like you improve your game through programs, events, clinics, tournaments and training opportunities. Your annual membership to TTBC will pay for itself throughout the year when you take advantage of our sponsor discounts, training programs, and free clinics.

About TTBC Memberships

TTBC will be devoting from June to the end of August working connecting with new sponsors and developing a yearly schedule of tournaments, programs and free clinics to offer members like you in support of your game. As we develop our member’s offerings, we’ll be posting a list of membership benefits on this page. By September 1, 2024 with what hope will be a long list of benefits for members, we hope to begin selling annual memberships through our website. This is what we can share so far about member benefits:

  • Access to discounts from our sponsors
    By September we hope to have an extensive list of sponsor businesses who support our members with discounts ranging from 10 to 20%
  • Access to free member-only events and clinics
    Each season TTBC will schedule a series of workshops and clinics free to members on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Access to multiple sanctioned tournaments each year
    TTBC has a goal of hosting a yearly schedule of sanctioned tournaments that will top more than one per month!
  • Access to sanctioned league play
    The drought is over! Sanctioned, inter-club league play will return in the fall of 2024 after a hiatus of decades.
  • Develop a ranking or transfer your current ranking
    Developing and building a ranking through regular tournaments and league play is a prime goal for every competitive player. TTBC has you covered.
  • Get member-only pricing for items sold in our shop
    TTBC plans to fund raise through a shop here on the website selling clothing and other hot items. As a TTBC member you’ll qualify for a discount!
  • All memberships include voting rights at our AGM
    Everyone who can hold a racquet will be able to vote at TTBC annual AGM. We believe in giving voice to our members because you make us better.
  • Club Memberships
    While we have not worked out the details, a club membership will include free promotion and secure registration for all of your club’s tournaments and league play events, all of which are sanctioned and supported by TTBC.

What would you like to get from your TTBC Membership?

TTBC memberships will be available for purchase here on the website beginning on September 1, 2024. We'll be offering these membership types:

  • Junior
    Annual Fee: TBA
  • Adult
    Annual Fee: TBA
  • Senior
    Annual Fee: TBA
  • Club
    Annual Fee: TBA

Check back frequently as our list of member benefits will grow