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Our Mission

Last Edited: May 31, 2024 09:33 PDT

Our mission at TTBC, laid out below as a draft-in-progress, is ambitious but achievable. Expect the document below to evolve and become more defined as we grow capacity as an agency for change, and as we respond to feedback from our members.

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Introducing TTBC Sport & Recreation Society, or TTBC for short. TTBC is a non-profit agency dedicated to advocating for, promoting, and building the sport of table tennis in British Columbia (BC). Our primary goal is to create unity among players and clubs across the province, fostering a sense of community and collaboration. We aim to raise money to fund our various projects, ensuring that we have the necessary resources to support our initiatives. Additionally, we strive to define areas that need support to grow, identifying specific regions or groups that could benefit from increased attention and resources. By developing effective plans, we aim to create positive, measurable changes that will enhance the overall table tennis experience in BC. Our efforts are focused on making the sport more accessible, enjoyable, and competitive for everyone involved, from beginners to seasoned players. Through our dedication and hard work, we hope to see table tennis thrive and become a respected sport in the province.

Areas Of Focus

TTBC’s focus will be broad and varied to provide access to development opportunities for 100% of table tennis players and officials. In a practical sense, this means that whoever you are, and whatever stage of development you are at with the sport of table tennis, TTBC can help you move further towards your goals. Listed and described below are just some of the areas of focus we will include in our mandate to improve the sport of TT in BC.

Promoting Table Tennis For Life and Health

A true mind-body activity, table tennis can improve and strengthen a number of parameters of health at every stage of life. Agility, plyometric loading, balance, coordination, quickness, leg and core strength and blood flow to the brain are all improved through regularly playing table tennis.

Knowing these basic facts on the benefits of table tennis drives TTBC’s efforts to build awareness of the sport and to rightly elevate table tennis in the public eye from a post-prandial past-time played in the basement to the complex, graceful and challenging sport TT fans see depicted every week through exciting matches on websites like WTT and ITTF.

TTBC will be open to business-to-business partnerships to build our sport and bring the benefits of table tennis more into the public eye. This would include inviting allied businesses to sponsor table tennis events, as well as providing material support for events like the annual TechPong Fund Raiser held at Science World which has raised over $423,000 for charities.

Right now in BC (and by extrapolation on through the rest of Canada), table tennis has that “less-than-a-sport” image problem. It is our intent to undermine that negative stereotypic view every chance we get. That means being much more in the public eye over the long-term and in the short term being open to instantly responding to opportunities to show-off our sport. TTBC will be on the constant look-out to take advantage of opportunities to promote table tennis. It is our goal to invest in gear for this exact purpose. We want to be equipped for a “grab and roll” response to every opportunity with a TTBC-branded trailer with 6-8 tables, barriers, nets, balls and demo racquets. Hitch the trailer to a vehicle and TTBC is on the road!

Fund Raising For Our Table Tennis Initiatives

An important ongoing task of TTBC will be to source funding opportunities to fuel our initiatives. As a registered non-profit, we will seek and apply for grants and other available funding while also encouraging the public to donate via a secure donation portal on our website. Through this portal, viewers will be able to donate to the focus area of their choice from junior development initiatives to programs for persons with disabilities.

TTBC hopes to develop a line of branded table tennis accessories and clothing to sell online and at events to support fund raising efforts.

Over the long-term, we hope to be vetted and accepted by ViaSport and TTCanada to be eligible for funding from provincial and federal sources.

TTBC will 100% transparent and fully accountable for every dollar we raise and spend on improving and building table tennis in BC. What’s more, we will endeavour to set a new standard of accountability and fairness within amateur sport non-profits, ultimately a model for other agencies to emulate.

Membership Development

To help secure credibility and funding potential, we are 100% committed to building our membership from zero to 500 members within one year by inviting every player in BC to join. We will do this by defining and offering solutions to fit everybody’s table tennis growth needs, from players to officials, from kids to seniors. A goal of 500 members in the first year is bold but achievable.

TTBC will build our membership base by offering table tennis development opportunities each year to members in exchange for their loyalty and support. We will endeavour to make it a “no-brainer” choice to join TTBC be offering our members rewards in the form of clinics, events, specials, and discounts to select services and merchants in the community. The potential of these rewards will exceed the cost of an annual TTBC membership.

Briefly TTBC will offer three levels of membership: Junior, Adult and Club. While the yearly fees have not yet been set, we will ensure that anyone considering joining TTBC will be able to read what they get for their membership, and then do the math to see that joining TTBC pays for itself each year in opportunities, events, merchant discounts and then some.

Junior Development

Children are the future of any sport. Build development programs for children and you are investing in the future of table tennis. Even if kids don’t choose to go on to become champions, they will carry with them for the rest of their lives the capacity to enjoy table tennis. Anecdotally, a large percentage of kids who play table tennis will continue on playing into adulthood, or go on to rediscover the sport in later life. Table tennis is a sport for life and health. It’s our intent to offer all kids, independent of socioeconomic status, the opportunity to discover table tennis as a pathway on the road to personal development.

Within the scope of Junior Development, TTBC will invest in the following areas as a start:

  • TTBC will work with school boards to bring programs to elementary and secondary schools. These initiatives would start with introducing teachers to table tennis through Pro-D day exhibitions and presentations.
  • TTBC will encourage school boards to invest in table tennis equipment so that there is at least one table per school, and up to 6-8 tables for a full-fledged PE program. We believe that table tennis is as beneficial as tennis but on a smaller and less expensive scale to implement.
  • As an extension of the point above, TTBC will encourage school boards to plan to build outdoor table tennis courts over the years as they have built tennis courts. Table tennis courts are much smaller and far less expensive to build and require virtually no maintenance.
  • TTBC will work with municipalities to invest in table tennis equipment to run programs in community centres for all ages, with an emphasis on children’s table tennis programs. In general, we believe that in the very least every community centre should have a table tennis table in every games room.
  • TTBC will work with table tennis clubs to plan inexpensive introductory “head start” table tennis programs for children.
  • TTBC will open a pathway and develop a program for children want to become elite table tennis athletes.
  • TTBC will work towards offering yearly training fee subsidies for socio-economically challenged families whose child excels at table tennis.
  • TTBC will create an endowment fund to support our junior development initiatives and actively seek donors to keep the fund growing.
  • TTBC will work with school districts to create a pay-it-forward program whereby junior players will be encouraged to volunteer for TTBC initiatives and events in exchange for high school volunteer credits.

Athlete Development

A measure of the effectiveness of a sports non-profit society is the quantity and talent of the elite-level athletes it produces. TTBC will endeavour to open a pathway and build a development program for players who desire to become their best. Ultimately, we believe our athletes will be recognized as the de-facto BC Table Tennis Team, representing BC at national events.

Table tennis players want to be able to chart their development over time. TTBC will develop or adopt a ranking system tied to events like tournaments and league matches that will encourage players to compete, and will allow every player/member to follow their progress.

Senior Development

Seniors are by-and-large a robust and curious community of players who have the time and social connections to seek out and find opportunities to play table tennis. TTBC looks forward to connecting with seniors and providing organized opportunities to socialize and engage in this beneficial sport. Table tennis is of particular benefit to seniors. A combination of cognition, movement, coordination and agility, table tennis builds flexibility, leg and core strength while reinforcing social connections.

Seniors are not a homogeneous group. The seniors community represents a wide range of need and capacity. From the hale and hearty, to those with neurological disorders, seniors at every level of ability benefit from playing table tennis. It is our intent to be able to respond to the needs of all seniors with programs and individual support, and to encourage clubs to host programs.

Officials Development

Score keepers, umpires and referees are the backbone of fairness and continuity in every competitive sport. Table tennis tournaments could not be run without a healthy host of officials. TTBC will create a development pathway for those players and supporters of the sport who wish to become table tennis officials. Historically, BC has produced umpires and referees who have officiated at the highest levels of international competitions.

Coach Development

A registered and certified professional coach is key to the success of most athletes in any sport. TTBC will provide a clear pathway for those who want to become a registered and certified table tennis coach to follow. We do not support the notion that a good player is naturally a coach. To be a coach one must become a coach by taking courses and passing exams hosted by national regulatory agencies. TTBC will endeavour to assist any individual who seeks to become a registered and certified coach. Once an individual has become a registered and certified coach, TTBC will provide an opportunity to be listed on our website as a TTBC-vetted registered and certified coach.

Club Development

TTBC recognizes the capacity of table tennis clubs large and small to grow the sport by attracting new members and building their game. We consider TT clubs to be the backbone of BC’s table tennis community and we will endeavour to help clubs form and grow through every means possible.

We will offer a “Club Membership” and encourage clubs to join TTBC to take advantage to our power to promote club events and to help build a club’s membership. A Club Membership would include TTBC-sponsored events such as “Introduction To Table Tennis” clinics for players new to the sport, as well as development clinics for future scorekeepers, umpires, referee to encourage more players within each club to also become officials.

Competition Development

Competition is the very heart of table tennis. TTBC recognizes the value of access to competition to help develop players at every level. TTBC will work with stakeholder such as clubs and community centres to encourage and support a robust yearly schedule of varied competitive events open to all levels of players. Specifically, TTBC will encourage, support and sanction club-sponsored tournaments, oversee the return of inter-club league competition, and host special events that will draw new-comers to the sport.

TTBC will recognize a player’s current ranking and adopt the Canadian point system standard for competitions we support or sponsor. We will honour a player’s ranking and invite top-ranked TTBC members to participate in team selection training to produce teams in response to provincial and national events.

In the spirit of competition, any TTBC Junior, Adult and Senior Team we develop from our members will be paired with any existing parallel BCTTA-sponsored team to compete for provincial supremacy. It is our expectation that TTBC will rapidly grow our base of competitive junior and adult players who will be attracted by strong incentives to join such as a yearly schedule of sanctioned tournaments and sanctioned inter-club league play.

Table Tennis For Persons With Disabilities

Table tennis is a rewarding sport to pursue at every level of ability. Table tennis helps all players to focus on and develop many physical attributes from balance, coordination, quickness, agility and strength through progressive weekly training sessions. Players of all levels and abilities who play regularly will be able to chart progress and growth which in turn encourages further participation.

Access to professionally-hosted training programs is a limiting factor for persons with disabilities who seek table tennis training opportunities. Despite the ease of entry to the sport and the obvious benefits to participants such as those with varying degrees of neurological disorders, there is a woeful lack of table tennis training programs for these groups throughout BC. TTBC will endeavour to bring table tennis closer to the disabled community through establishing seed programs at seniors centres, community centres and table tennis clubs. TTBC believes in equal access to our beloved sport.

TTBC will be on the constant lookout for opportunities to partner with groups to further our mission to bring table tennis to persons with disabilities. TTBC believes in extending our reach through holding on to the hand offered by other non-profits.

Table Tennis For Diversity

Those who play table tennis know it binds people together through the unity of sport. Differences are transcended and celebrated when people engage in play. TTBC will become a home to all table tennis players seeking support and development. Our twin mottos, “TTBC Is TT For Me”, and “Find Yourself Here” say it all. To everyone along the spectrum of humanity, TTBC has a message of inclusion: YOU are welcomed here.

TTBC plans to reach out to a diverse range of communities including LBGTQ+ communities, and communities of recent immigrants, with opportunities to explore table tennis. We will also reach out to business communities, particularly the tech community where table tennis tables in the workplace are common, with programs to introduce players to formal strokes and rules to help anyone within any group move further into the sport should they desire.

Table Tennis Infrastructure

TTBC embraces and hopes to emulate the French Table Tennis Federation’s model of introducing table tennis into the lives of everyday people. In the French model, there is an ambitious plan to build more than 1000 outdoor table tennis courts across France before the start of the Paris Summer Olympic Games in 2024. In our version of the French model, TTBC plans to circulate a proposal/challenge to every community in BC to build public table tennis courts in parks, much like tennis courts are universally available in nearly every community. Table tennis courts are smaller, cheaper to build and maintain than are tennis courts while offering participants a lifetime of free access to enjoy the sport. TTBC strongly believes that standardized table tennis courts in parks within every community in BC will play a big role in drawing newcomers, particularly children, to the sport of table tennis. This will ultimately be measured in years to come by an increase in overall public participation in table tennis, and will create a starting point on the pathway of development for future elite athletes.

TTBC will present a standard model for municipalities to refer to when planning for and developing table tennis infrastructure. This model will make it easier for municipalities and other interested parties to budget and build safe outdoor table tennis courts for citizens to explore the sport and develop skills – all for free and for life!

TTBC Embraces Integrity and Accountability

We believe accountability and integrity are crucial to ensuring non-profit sport associations are fully and fairly developing their sport.

That is why TTBC will develop “best practises” bylaws and engage a team of functional and honorary directors that, together with our clear mission commitments will prevent acquisition attempts and manipulation by agents of self-interest. TTBC will be 100% accountable and transparent and will invite all donors and funding agencies to inspect our books and audit our operations.

We plan on including processes that measure the effects of our programs against the cost of those programs. By showing our donors, supporters and funding agencies the positive effects set in motion by their donations, we will encourage additional donations and broader support.