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Volunteer with TTBC

TTBC is just starting out as a new non-profit. Our goals to build table tennis in BC are multi-faceted and ambitious. Among these, three goals stand out. One, we want to help table tennis players develop through creating opportunities for growth; two, we want to advocate and fund-raise for our sport and in doing so, become the defacto voice for table tennis in BC; and three, we want to bring together all of the diverse groups of stakeholders together under one agency. If you have expertise you’re willing to share, we welcome your input. We’ve compiled a list of areas of immediate importance as we begin our journey as an agent of change. Do you see yourself here? Let us know!

TTBC are looking for volunteers with skills in the following areas:

The information you send us about your interest in joining TTBC on an executive, administrative, or operational level is strictly confidential and will not be shared with outside agencies or published. Please allow up to 24 hours for our communication director to respond to any communications with TTBC. Thank you!.